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Organic and Fair Trade tea and tisanes

At Friendship Organics, we are proud to offer over twenty different types of tea, ranging from traditional black teas such as English Breakfast, Chai Spice and  Earl Grey, to unique herbal teas like Ginger Cinnamon and Rooibos, and even more exotic yet incredibly popular blends such as Agua de Jamaica and  Ruby Red. These teas are truly the finest tasting teas available. Our secret is very simple; we use only the best tasting ingredients, and we do not use any artificial flavorings, or preservatives.  

We source from all over the world, and our blends come from hundred year old recipes, family concoctions, and all sorts of suggestions! Each blend has a unique story of its own, helping strengthen our relationship with tea the more we work with it.

We are constantly in a period of discovery, exploring the endless possible combinations and beneficial ingredients in tea; travelling through that phenomenal world of folkloric tradition, of comfort, of  ‘home'; come and explore with us!


As our name says it, we are Certified Organic. Organic is a healthier option for the whole planet because it’s healthier for the soil, for those who work with the teas and herbs, and for the consumer. This is something that is consistent with our mandate and mission, and we incorporate this mindset of ‘conscious consumption’ at every stage of our work, from organic ingredients, to recyclable tins, and compostable bags!


We are also Fair Trade Certified, in the belief that everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy safe and secure working conditions. So actually, a portion of your purchase goes towards different projects to improve the life of the workers and their families.


Clear-conscience products. Organic. Fair Trade. Committed to the environment and all of its inhabitants.  


Ready to brew a cup of tea?


Your way of making tea is the best way. But if you ask us, here’s what we’d say:

1- Start by using filtered water to remove any distracting off-taste.

2- After picking your favorite tea, pop a tea bag into your mug and add 8 to 10 ounces of freshly boiled water.

Our teabags are considerably heavier than the average, so if you like a milder taste, just add a little bit of extra water!

3- Let it brew!

Depending on each tea, and on how strong or mild you drink yours, let it steep between 3 and 10 minutes.

4- Make it your own!

Either if it’s by adding a cloud of milk and a spoonful of sugar, or a drop of honey and a squeeze of lemon, customize your tea and make it your own!