Friendship Organics

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Organic and Fair Trade tea and tisanes


Fair Trade helps you help others!


We love tea and creating great tasting blends! We combine this love with helping others and making the planet a better place for everyone!

We support fair trade because we believe in helping communities grow through supporting a fairer trading policy and establishing long term relationships with producers.

Fair Trade means

  • Producers are paid a fair price for their product.
  • Premiums are used to create and support social programs, improve living and working conditions.
  • Workers can also form or join an independent union to negotiate their working conditions.
  • Wages are equal to or higher than the regional average or legal minimum wage.
  • No child labour.
  • Producers also receive advance funding to aid in long term planning.   
  • Revenue is distributed among the farm workers.
  • Farm workers are involved in the decision-making process and in the organization.

So actually, when you buy a Fair Trade Certified product, you are directly helping the communities and the workers who make the product available for you.


Our teas are certified by independent third parties through reporting and audits.